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Is Being A  Customer Success Leader Overwhelming?


… There are so many projects to tackle — but it’s hard to make progress with so many meetings

…You have no one to give you guidance on CS Strategy – and you can’t afford to make a mistake

… And sometimes you feel like a total fraud?

I’ve been there.  

The first time I stepped into a leadership role, I was overwhelmed.  

I spent all my time in back-to-back meetings and wasn’t making any progress on any of my initiatives, even though I knew what the best practices were. 

I was burning out.  Like MOST CS leaders do.

In 2021 the average CS Leader lasted about 18 months.

Today it’s more like 9-12 months –

Especially in startups.

They either burn out or get let go for being ineffective – despite working all hours and across departments.

It takes a long time to figure out how to make Customer Success work in the real world, with competing priorities and unexpected challenges.  

Once I figured it out, I didn’t want new Customer Success leaders to have to learn the hard way like I did.  

That’s why I created my CS Leadership Coaching Program.

A three month 1:1 coaching program designed to help you remove your biggest obstacles and execute the right CS strategy for your organization – so you can shine as the leader you’re meant to be.


CS Leadership Coaching

What if you had:

… A practical plan for a CS department that scales – customized for your organization

…. Buy-in from other departments – and the C-suite 

… A rockstar team that rolls out CS initiatives in half the time

… The ability to close your laptop at 5 and know you’d made measurable progress every day

My program will be personalized to fit your goals.

Here are some examples of the areas in which I can provide the most support:


– Building CS from Scratch

– Segmentation

– Customer Journey Mapping

–  Choosing and Optimizing CS Software

– Playbooks

– Scaling

– Customer Health

– Engagement models 

– Increasing Revenue

Team Leadership

– Building Strong Teams

– Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

– Comp planning 

– Team metrics (KPIs and OKRs)

– Performance management

– Career progression plans

– Executive presence

CS in the Real World

– Getting buy-in from C-Suite

– The CS Department Maturity Matrix

– Time Management and Prioritization

– CS Boundaries

– Working with Global Teams (async)

– Cross-Functional Collaboration

– Tying CS to Revenue

This was  the best investment I have made in a long long time. I took several CS Courses and learned about the strategies; however, something was missing as I could not seem to be able to put them into real-life practice. 

Rachel has a masterful knack for knowledge in everything CS, and she knows just the right question to help you see the light at the end of every darkest tunnel. Another thing I’d like to highlight I gained from my leadership coaching experience with Rachel is her holistic approach to my development as a CS leader.  I have always been appropriately challenged to integrate my personal goals into my professional action plans.

Rachel has been invaluable in my continued learning and growth, and she has been my anchor while I embark on and pivot my career into customer success leadership. She is the strategist, thought provoker, cheerleader, coach, and consultant; most importantly, she is a true friend who listens, offers guidance, and truly cares. 

Christina Smigie

Director of Customer Success

When I was presented the opportunity to learn from Rachel, it was the easiest decision I will likely make in 2023.
If you are a new leader or considering future leadership roles in Customer Success, this is an opportunity I would strongly consider investing into making not only yourself better but your teams too.
Jeremy Donaldson

Senior Manager, Customer Success

How It Works

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Get a customized joint success plan to work through during our coaching sessions. 

Reach Your Goals

Get the tools, mindset, and support you need to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Coaching is for people who want more.

They want to improve faster than they otherwise would on their own.

They’ve decided they want to rise to the top quickly and enjoy the recognition, increased compensation, and pride in what they’ve created – and they don’t want to wait.

Why would I work with a coach? Don't most people figure it out on their own?

A lot of them do, but it takes a lot longer.  Think of it like working with a personal trainer – you’re more likely to get results when you work with a professional.  In this case, faster results = a better career, less stress, and more money.

Aren’t coaches really expensive?

Yes and no. You can think of it like college or grad school. It’s an investment that helps you be successful and earn more money faster.

It ends up paying for itself – but you have to pay for the knowledge to make that leap. 


Additionally, a lot of companies will pay for some of it using employee development funds since it will help the business overall. 

(Psst – I have a template you can use to request this!)

Why should I do this NOW?

Because there’s a cost to doing nothing, even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

That cost is time. 

How much longer are you ok with things staying the same?  What are you giving up if they do?  

That’s how you figure out what time is right.

What you get

CS Strategy – Cutting edge strategies used by top CS leaders to help you break through the obstacles that have been holding you back from creating the CS department of your dreams with step-by-step video lessons and coordinating downloadables that help you reinforce everything you learn.


“The Command Center” – Life-changing productivity and prioritization system… ($150 value)

Human-first leadership techniques that create enthusiastic, high-performing employees


Mindset work – get the confidence you need to make decisions, talk to the C-Suite, and lead with confidence.


Develop Executive Presence – without sacrificing authenticity


Work/Life balance – a flexible plan that works for your situation


Templates, tools and resources – so you don’t have to create anything from scratch


Speed past traps that keep most new customer success leaders stuck for years


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