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If you’re a CS leader working overtime but not making progress, chances are…

You’re spending your time on the wrong things.

If you’re always putting projects on hold (just one more time!) for customer emergencies —

You’re probably making these 3 mistakes.

Customer Success Leadership Coaching

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Put Your Career on the Fast Track

Whether you’re a new Customer Success Leader or looking to become one…

When you join Customer Success Leadership Coaching, you’ll get the skills, strategies, and vision needed to go from manager to confident leader – using practical approaches that work in the real world.

Get the proven strategies that let you:

Showcase your value as a leader - and the value of Customer Success

Create a step by step plan to achieve your goals

Close your laptop at five, knowing you made measurable progress

Dream Job

1:1 coaching to help you land a Leadership position in Customer Success – Fast!

Get Promoted

1:1  coaching using my proven strategy to get promoted based on your accomplishments.

Customer Success Leadership Coaching

1:1  coaching to build a revenue-generating customer success department, be an inspiring leader, and still have a life!


Need a customer success expert? Consulting for customer success strategy, career advancement, and leadership, I’m ready to help.


When I was presented the opportunity to learn from Rachel, it was the easiest decision I will likely make in 2023.


If you are a new leader or considering future leadership roles in Customer Success, this is an opportunity I would strongly consider investing into making not only yourself better but your teams too.

Jeremy Donaldson

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Rachel is a powerhouse. She helped me immensely while I was going through my early months of being a first-time leader, as well as during the time when I was applying for new roles, and interviewing – she helped me feel more confident in myself.

She has always been my go-to person for all things customer success and leadership. She is not only knowledgable and has an abundance of experience, she is kind, humble and intentional and that’s what makes Rachel one of the TOP CS Leaders out there! I’ve learned so much from her and I continue to learn from her.

Ashna Patel

Manager, Customer Success

Rachel helped me strategize and put in place a plan to define and achieve my next dream-job in Customs success. 

She goes above and beyond: after every session there was actionable feedback with clear next steps, additional resources that are useful

In less than 20 days I was able to improve my resume, prep for interviews at several amazing companies and sign with my favorite company!

To anyone that wants to advance their career, define what’s really important to them, or grow in the Customer success field, I would absolutely recommend Rachel Provan!

Adriana Corta

Team Lead - Customer Success

I was working 80 hours a week, and my cs team was in a constant state of chaos. I didn’t feel like I could keep up with everything, and it felt like my team couldn’t either. Then I found Rachel.

She helped me identify what my actual goals were, and figure out where I needed to focus to make the biggest impact. She taught me how to focus on the most important things first, delegate well, and give feedback effectively. I made more progress in a few weeks than I had in six months.

Elliot Gardner

Director of Customer Success

What Is Customer Success Leadership Coaching?

My Customer Success Leadership Coaching program is what I like to call “Coachsulting“.

A coach will work on how you think, helping you set goals and guiding you to achieve them.  A consultant will do the work for you

I combine the two, so I give you the tools and best practices to achieve results FAST – while teaching you to think like a world-class CS leader on your own.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for people who are hungry for more. They want to improve faster than they otherwise would on their own. They’ve decided they want to rise to the top quickly and enjoy the recognition, increased compensation, and pride in what they’ve created – and they don’t want to wait.

Whether you’re a CS Leader now, or you’re a CSM looking to become one in the near future, Customer Success Leadership Coaching can help you make more progress in three months than you would otherwise make in five years

About Me

I’m Rachel Provan, and I help new Customer Success leaders get clear on their strategy, productivity, and executive presence so they can build revenue-generating Customer Success departments while leading with heart.

I’ve been in Customer Success Leadership for 15 years.

I’ve built and scaled Customer Success programs across many different sizes and markets from seed stage to Fortune 500.

I know what it takes to make Customer Success work in the real world – even when things aren’t perfect!  

And my favorite thing is helping customer success leaders to build the careers of their dreams.

The Top 3 Mistakes New Customer Success Leaders Make

If you’re a New Customer Success Leader:

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Find out if you’re making these mistakes – and what to do instead to save HOURS each day.

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