Customer Success Coaching Packages

1-on-1 Coaching with Rachel Provan

Customer Success is an awesome profession.  It’s flexible, it pays really well, and there are a lot of jobs available.

But it’s also a hard industry to achieve your goals.

Because it’s a young profession, there aren’t a lot of well worn paths to success – and even your company might not know what they really want out of CS.  That’s where I come in.  

As a customer success expert with 15+ years experience in the field, I know what works, and what doesn’t – for every stage of your career – and can help you remove the blockers that keep most customer success professionals stuck.

If you want to stop learning the hard way and get on the fast track – this is for you.

Together, we’ll map out what you’re trying to achieve, and I’ll give you a customized plan for how to get there – using practical insights, templates, and mindset strategies so you can go forward thinking like a customer success leader.

Sure you could try to figure it out on your own – but experience is the most expensive way to learn.

You don’t have to struggle on your own.  Choose where you are on your customer success leadership journey, and pick the customer success coaching package that’s right for you.

Get Promoted

1:1 coaching using my proven strategy to get promoted based on your accomplishments.

Dream Job

1:1 coaching to help you land your dream job in customer success – fast!

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned VP!


Customer Success Leadership Training

Become irreplaceable.

A 3-month customer success leadership program to learn strategy, human-first leadership, and work/life balance.

By the Hour

Single sessions for consulting, career advice, help with a challenge at work, or any other Customer Success topic.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Coaching is for people who want more.

They want to improve faster than they otherwise would on their own.

They’ve decided they want to rise to the top quickly and enjoy the recognition, increased compensation, and pride in what they’ve created – and they don’t want to wait.

Why would I work with a coach? Don't most people figure it out on their own?

A lot of them do, but it takes a lot longer.  Think of it like working with a personal trainer – you’re more likely to get results when you work with a professional.  In this case, faster results = a better career, less stress, and more money.

Aren’t coaches really expensive?

Yes and no. You can think of it like college or grad school. It’s an investment that helps you be successful and earn more money faster.

It ends up paying for itself – but you have to pay for the knowledge to make that leap. 


Additionally, most companies will pay for it using employee development funds since it will help the business overall. 

(Psst – I have a template you can use to request this!)

Why should I do this NOW?

Because there’s a cost to doing nothing, even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

That cost is time. 

How much longer are you ok with things staying the same?  What are you giving up if they do?  

That’s how you figure out what time is right.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We’ll discuss what your goals are and the biggest obstacles you’re experiencing, and determine the best customer success coaching package for you.


Choose a Coaching Package

Book the right customer success coaching package for you, based on your goals and where you are in your career.

Reach Your Goals

Get the templates, strategies, and support you need to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

 New Customer Success Leadership Coaching Program

A three month 1:1 coaching program designed to help customer success leaders develop the strategy, leadership skills and mindset to build a world-class customer success department (and still have a life).  

(CS Leadership program only)

More Details

What’s included:

– 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching (1 hour each)

– Learn how to Build the House of CS – set the foundations for durable growth.

–  Maturity model assessment of your CS program – and turn-by-turn directions on how to build your department going forward.

– Learn how to  tie customer success to revenue to showcase your value – and the value of CS!

– Experience human-first leadership training to create enthusiastic, high-performing employees

– Confidence – Ditch the imposter syndrome.   Learn the mindset tools you need to make decisions, talk to the C-Suite, and lead with confidence.  

Stop working overtime – and achieve more by learning the right things to prioritize, and what to delegate.

Tons of templates for customer journey, lifecycle, playbooks, agendas and programs- so you never have to reinvent the wheel

– Avoid the political pitfalls that keep most new customer success leaders stuck for years

– Exclusive productivity and organization system – so you can be twice as effective in half the time. ($250 value) 

What’s next

Book a consult > Checkout> Book your first session > Become the leader you’ve always dreamed of being.

Dream Job

Get a high-paying job you love with the work/life balance you’re looking for. 

All the tools you need to land the Customer Success job of your dreams – whether you’re a CSM or a seasoned VP!  


Click Here For Details

What’s Included

– 3 coaching sessions

Elevator Pitch Template 

– Make your resume jump out of the pile with “The CS Executive Resume Makeover” (2 revision rounds)

– LinkedIn Profile Optimization – (Get recruiters reaching out to you!)

– How to spot red flags in job descriptions and interviews

– Job application tracker

Customer Success Leadership Interview Flashcards (Free with package, $25 value)

– Interview Prep – including presentation templates and review

– The salary negotiation script and email templates that has increased the initial offer AT LEAST $10K EVERY time. 

What’s next

Checkout > Book our 1st call >Send me your resume in Google Docs for me to start reviewing!

Get Promoted

1:1 coaching using my Provan Success Map to reach the next level of your career


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What’s included:

– 2 coaching hours covering:

– Skills gap analysis – discover the skills you need to develop to become a customer success leader

– Development plan – get resources and guidance in how to develop any missing skills

– Fail-proof email templates to request a discussion

– Presentation to make your request for promotion undeniable – even if there’s no open position.

What’s next

Checkout > Book your first coaching session> Get your personalized assessment and game plan > Start your new role!

One Hour Consulting Session

Need advice from a customer success expert?  Book a single session.

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  • Facing a challenge at work?
  • Haven’t hired a customer success leader and need some advice for your business?
  • Want to run your strategy by a customer success expert?
  • Have a CS product you’d like feedback on?
  • Want to start a coaching/consulting biz?

This one’s for you!


(single session) 


(pack of 3)

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