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Hi, I’m Rachel Provan.

My Story

I’m a Top 50 Customer Success Leader, LinkedIn influencer, and Coach.

I have been in Customer Success leadership for over 14 years, and I remember the first time I stepped into that role. I was so excited! 

Until I realized that it was an entirely different job from the one I had before — and no one had trained me for the new one.

I was great with customers, but when it came to strategy and people management, I was making it up as I went along.

I didn’t know when to zoom out on strategy or how to get the most out of my team. I was working so hard but making so little progress and I was beyond frustrated.

I’m happy to say that a decade later, I love being a Customer Success leader! I’m confident in my abilities – no imposter syndrome here – and I genuinely love what I do.

The thing is – it took a long time to get here.  I loved the role but I struggled with so many challenges for years, when I could have been thriving if someone had just given me a roadmap.  

Things like:

  • Tying CS to Revenue
  • Using data to drive my strategy
  • How to delegate without sacrificing quality or overloading my team.
  • The confidence to stand up for my ideas and set healthy boundaries.
  • How to earn what I was worth

I had a couple of great mentors and coaches later on who helped me advance as much in six months as I did in five years.

As my career evolved, I found that my employees were thriving and becoming ready to “graduate” to director positions of their own – and thriving once they got there.

It was my favorite thing.

That’s why I started Provan Success.

If you’re a new customer service leader, or even if you’re just anticipating being in a leadership role soon, I know how hard it can be to feel like you have what it takes to step into that role.

I can help you get the tools and abilities you need to step into the role with confidence and build an amazing Customer Success department. 

about rachel provan

At Provan Success Coaching, I help you develop the tools, strategies, and vision needed to go from first-time manager to confident leader.

Let’s make your leadership vision a reality.

My services include one-on-one coaching as well as a growing number of affordable online tools and resources.

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